Today we want to present you the new model allmountain of MDE Bikes New Carve of 140mm. These frames are hand-made in Italy and what we like the most of this brand is that:

MDE doesn’t oblige us to use any fixed standard, because is combatible with almost everything, metric or imperial shock absorber, interchangeable cutting-edge of 142x12mm, 148x12mm, 150x12mm… and in the case of the new Carve, also wheels of 27,5″ or wheels of 29″ changing the cutting-edge.

Nowadays is incredible to find something like that and for us is an option more than interesting to consider especially for those who are looking for a bike not to be changed in a few years (thing quite unusual lately).

A bike where you can set up good shocks, for example öhlins (sold in 😋)

and good wheels . When you’ll get bored of the 27,5″, you’ ll change the fork and the tires and you can pass to a 29″ or to another thing.

If they’ld launch a new rear axle, we are sure that MDE Bikes with Federico Biora ‘s hand will make a compatible cutting-edge.

We are talking about custom made forks in terms of colours, details, graphic and all a customer can consider essential in the geometry, for only an extra cost of €150.

You can have a look online to all the possibilities of personalisation at:

prices from 1739€ the frame.

For those more passionate about enduro we also have the Damper 650B and for downhill the Lumberjack.

And most important of all, you can order your frame in Basicletta or contact us


for any doubt.


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