Our passion is the hallmark of what we do!


Nowadays, we hear words like “sustainability”, “fair trade”, “bio” and “trends” being used quite often in the development of more equal business models..

But what do these words really mean?

Is it simply a marketing strategy or are there any real values behind these words?

The answer to this question isn’t an easy one, but we want to share what these words mean to us on a personal and business level.

At Basicletta, the quality and sustainability of the products we offer are our fundamental priorities.

We are conscious that these two goals are not attainable by paying the lowest cost on the market; but our customers are those who choose the value of the products and services that we offer over buying a lower quality product at a cheaper price.

For this reason, we inspect every brand before offering it in our shop. We try to research the company as much as possible; to ensure every step in the production of their products is in line with our standards.

We follow this procedure with each product, from the coffee we serve to our bike frames we put together, including food supplements and bicycle maintenance products.

We avoid those brands that choose a company policy clearly against our values and , we’ re constantly looking for new collaborations with those who share our vision.

If a product is of good quality, follows legislation for monitoring the environment, contributes added value and rewards the creativity of those who invented it, then surely it will catch our attention!

Our products come mainly from European countries (Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Czech Republic) and the final quality never leaves us unsatisfied!

With a small difference in price, the customer can enjoy products of a higher quality. In fact, those products that don’t respect the rights of the workers (and for this reason can reduce their final costs) often are affected in the standards of quality.

Our aim is to promote a more responsible choice, without resorting to  inaccessible costs for our customers. We may be too utopian and hopeful, but we strongly believe in these values and we try to stay faithful and commit to them.

In the end, we’re making small steps along a path toward making a really big difference in a sustainable supply and demand market, even on a larger scale.



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