The exams never end!

How many times have you listen to this sentence?

I think quite often, non only at school or in the job, but also in all those situations where you want to test your level and reach specific goals.

Sport is one of those activities where we not only want to verify our limits but most of all we are keen on improving our skills.

For this reason today I would like to talk about a personal experience.

To be honest I’ve never been interested in doing courses and following “classes” of any kind. I am mostly autodidact and I try to learn new things alone.

Commitment and several attempts made always possible to get to the final result I want to reach. Far from being this a perfect result!

Learning foreign languages as Italian and English I haven’t followed any course. With a bit of pacience and listening I learnt to make me understand, without reaching a perfect level (and who knows me could say the same) but anyway satisfactory for me.

In just one case I had to revalue this idea: with the bikes!In fact many years of bad position over the bike made me fall down too often with a consequent lost of spirit!

Despite it’s almost 20 years that I ride the bike and I even got some good times at an amateur level, just after taking part to a technical course with a qualify teacher I saw the difference on both, technique and speed.

Luckly I got to know this reality living few years in Italy. Over there, courses, of any kind are much more common, and there’s a reason for that.

This course of only a couple of hours allowed me to realize my mistakes, improve the position on the bike, keeping a better stability, opening more the track in the downhill, and many other things.

The most important of all was that, adquiring more security I learn how to use my body, all of it and as consequence I can now enjoy much more the ride even on those tracks I don’t know. Technique prevails over the body.

Changing our own habits, even if they are wrong, is never easy!

The following months I was so disorientated with all the new information I learnt that it looked like I couldn’t ride my bike anymore.

With no doubt this course helped me to reach a deeper security and sync with the bike and I’m really satisfied of how much I improved.

The improvements I noticed where basically two: less fall and more speed.

For this reason I want to suggest to anybody to take part to one of our course. Me myself I had to review my inicial scepticism but now I can assure you that is time very well spent!

We already have the Diploma de Monitor de Ciclismo. Muy pronto daremos a conocer nuestros cursos en colaboración con el club ciclista DHG Team.

I already got the Certificate of bike instructor. Very soon we’ll promote our courses in colaboration with the bike club DHG Team.

Contact us for any question!

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