Ok, we like Basicletta but.. where can we find it??

Few months have passed since the last post of Basicletta and many of you know that if we have been absent was because we had a couple of occasions that kept us busier than what we expected.

Now, the real aim of this post is to answer to all those people that asked us when we’ll finally open this famous bike shop café!

Nothing would make us happier than to be able to answer with a precise date but the truth is that we are obliged to depend on someone else decisions, as had happen until now.

These months represented a continous challenge where we’ve been receiving cheap shots from people whom we’ve ingenuously trusted. Nonetheless this brought us to a higher awareness of our goal and above all of the means we are willing to use to reach it and even clearly which are not.

We’ve known of our own experience how the business world works, where the “smartest” wins, in other words the one who believes that taking advantage of those who act with good intentions can obtain a real benifit on long term. We want to take the distances from this model, unfortunately too common and we hope that you can understand the delay that this decision brought with it.

We don’t want to complain for the bad luck that hit us, considering that we have been had 3 times so far, neither we want to find an excuse for the delay in the final opening of Basicletta.

Only living in first person difficult situations and making mistakes we can learn and that’s what we’ve decided to do and keep doing.

We can’t deny that in some moments we’ve doubted to be able to manage all of this, but the support of those who believe in our idea, in our project, in the passion that we share, gave us enough reasons to keep going.

In conclusion we hope that who is interested in our message will be a bit more pacient and confident in us to wait together the day that we’ll finally open Basicletta!

In the meantime we want to remind you that for what concerns the orders, the workshop, the shock service, the tours, we’re up and running 100% so don’t hesitate to contact us as you’ve done until now.

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